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What is Yoga
Yoga is an ancient science, a way of life, developed by ancient seers of India that has stood the test of time and many a criticism to only be rediscovered in the modern age. Yoga or “union” involves a gradual union of the body, mind and soul with the ultimate focus on the soul and its union with the “Paramatma” or the universal consciousness thereby helping the process of human evolution gradually and slowly.

The common myth:
Yoga is commonly misunderstood in the modern limited context as a means of “stress busting” and has come to be poplularized in the west as a form of gymnastics which helps to form a great flexi-body and strong muscle endurance. However, yoga is way beyond its limited understanding, starting from bodily focus and moving towards the soul eventually. Sage Patanjali has well organized this process into an 8 fold path of conditioning the body and the mind to free the soul from its limited boundaries into final emancipation with the divine.

ganeshji1 A Gradual Progression
Patanjali’s eight fold path includes “Hatha” yoga includes a series of physical postures or “asanas” that prepare the body to get ready for meditation. A beginner enters the path of yoga with Hatha Yoga gradually advancing towards concentration, meditation and ultimately controlling the senses through a well developed and scientific method such as “Kriya Yoga”.
Hatha yoga comprises of two words “ha” and “tha”, meaning the union of the solar and lunar energies and that make up the macrocosmic man. Hatha yoga was developed by Yogi Swatmarama in the 15th century wherein through the asanas the body is gradually disciplined. As the body is disciplined, the 5 “pranas” or “vital airs” that control the functioning of various glands, organs and systems in the body are thereby corrected and restored to their normal states of functioning, which, in the average human is disrupted due to improper lifestyle.

As the body functioning is resumed, various toxins are expelled naturally and ailments are seen to diminish. The result is in an overall physical and mental catharsis for the soul to find its expression in this cataclysmic world of miseries and troubles. The mind becomes focussed and concentration has been seen to be enhanced within just a few weeks of practise.

Yoga is the only science that aims at finding equilibrium whether it be the body or the mind.

Benefits of Yoga:
Yoga has many benefits, physical mental and spiritual some of which have been enumerated below:

  • Lesser sleep.
  • Increased concentration and self awareness.
  • Increased muscular and joint flexibility.
  • Stronger nervous system.
  • Increase in stamina and endurance.
  • A well disciplined and calmer mind essential for advancing towards meditation.
  • Change towards a more positive and healthier mental attitude.
  • Lesser dependence on medicines, alcohol, smoking and other addictions.
  • Increased tolerance and resistance to pain.
  • Peace of mind and love towards nature.

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