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Institution name


Full address of Institution

1511,Kidwai Nagar,Allapur,Allahabad, 110004 U.P.,India.

Work field of Institution

Entire India

Objectives of Institution

  • To conduct programs for the social, spiritual, academic and cultural development of common people and to work hard for the establishment of school garden and library.
  • Constituting all the youths from village to national level and infusing sense of responsibilities and kind hegemony in them.
  • To conduct programs related to health and family welfare.
  • To work for environment protection, poverty eradication, employment scale up, character establishment, development of scientific point of view, undeveloped part of country and rise of woman.
  • Development of agriculture and agriculture related businesses, use of new scientific research in agriculture, to promote scientific farming, providing new employment avenues in agriculture field and to conduct programs for youths in order to make them more educated.
  • With the help of different institutions and departments, educate youths to be independent and developing the spirit of being self-employed.
  • To conduct programs for the welfare of child labor and bonded laboring.
  • To develop the personalities of common people along with their physical and mental rise with the help of yoga science.