Home Remedies for Various Ailments

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Home Remedies for Various Ailments

In today's modern time of fast and hectic lifestyle, our body experieces a rapid wear and tear and is subjected to not only bad air quality but also adultrated food and fruits. As a result of this constant exposure to toxins and stress we land up falling ill and have to resort to antibiotics and other allopathy medicines which do us more harm than good. Below you will find some reliable home remedies to treat day to day illness and restore your body's vigour and health.

For Gas/ abdominal distention

Boil a few black raisins in milk after deseeding and drink up the milk along with the raisins before sleeping in the night. A considerable difference will be seen on waking in the morning. This remedy can be used regularly for 3 consecutive days in severe cases of acute has.

For cough/ cold/ fever:

Consume a hot tea made by boiling 10-15 tulsi leaves in water along with 8-10 black peppercorns.

Boil 10-15 tulsi leaves, one small piece of ginger, 4-5 black peppercorns, 1 tsp ajwain in water. Add jiggery to taste and sip gradually during the day for a sure shot remedy for instant effect.

For Headache:

Inhale the juice of a few lemon leaves that have been ground and the juice extracted.

For slight headache consuming a pinch of salt and then drinking water has been seen to give relief.

For Loose motions:

Adding half a cup cold water to a half a cup of hot tea stops motions instantly.

For cuts/ bruises/ sprains:

Using a mixture of equal proportions of desi ghee and kapoor for any cuts/ wounds or swellings is very helpful and also helps to arrest bleeding if acute.