Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga

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Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga is an ancient scientific tool to aid the process of self realization. This ancient technique of Pranayam has been practised by ancient seers of India since thousands of years and was bought to true seekers in the Modern Millennium by Lahiri Mahashay. This sacred tradition has been carefully preserved with some realized yogis and handed down over the generations from the Guru to the disciple.

“Pranayama” literally meaning “breath control”, is the regulation of the subtle “pranas” in the body that tie the being down into the world of Maya and prevent him from uniting with his own true self which is the ultimate aim of Yoga. The vital airs or “pranas” in the body by their constant play and activity create the external world to be seen as it is seen. This perception of the external world is created by activity of the 3 “gunas” or attributes; namely “sattva”, “rajas” and “tamas”; in the body these flow through the “ida”, “pingala” and “sushumna nadis”, or channels that carry the prana shakti in them. These gunas manifest themselves as pranas, which constantly move, rise and fall through the channels, their play gives rise to the mind, which brings about the sense of perception of the external. But all of this world and life is a mere perception; a concept that is generated by the mind. To find out the real nature of the truth or that which is; one must go beyond this sense of perception towards reality, which can only be transcended by the process of pranayama. By doing pranayams correctly, the prana is regulated and pushed into the “sushumna nadi”; the central channel of the body. When this prana finds its rightful way home and ceases to flow externally through the ida and pingala nadis, anniliation or dissolution of the mind occurs and the mind is dissolved into the absolute.

Therefore to unite with our true inner nature worship, “yagya”, sacrifice or purification of the “airs” or “prana” is done. Most worship is done externally as a symbolic means of gesture of pranayama. However this sacrifice must be done internally within the temple of the body. This process entails offering the inhaling air into the exhaling and the exhaling air into the inhaling, thereby eventually bringing about a neutralization or cessation of breath that occurs naturally till a state of “kevala kumbhaka”, or suspension of air, is achieved by the practitioner. When this state occurs, the breath does not flow in or out spontaneously. But this life force cannot enter the sushumna without the practise of a scientific method of pranayama or Kriya, which must occur by the grace of a true Guru. This grace is of utmost importance.

Hence, the shrutis reiterates the importance of pranayama as “ Namaste vayo tvameva pratyaksham bhramasi” or we bow down to the air which is the real personified Bhrama.

Even along this journey of the soul, many times the disciple is confused and lost along the path, dejected and exhausted as the journey is a long and arduous one. At such a time, the Guru appears along and guides the disciple gently and lights up the further path, mitigating the darkness around and instilling renewed confidence and vigour in the disciple. Such is the role of a true Guru who must guide the disciple to the final path from where final emancipation is achieved and the sadhak unites with himself, rising above all the 3 gunas to a point from where he sees as body and his senses he so loved once upon a time, as a dead piece of fermented wood lying around.

Kriya yoga is this practise of pranayama that through gradual discipline and with the grace of the masters makes this journey possible for every willing and ready human on earth.

Guruji is one of those few Kriya masters who has been handed down the technique of Kriya from his lineage of masters.